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Coats Manila Bay

Coats Manila Bay encourages you to read these terms and conditions carefully. Along with our Privacy Policy, these will serve as your guide in relation to your usage of this website. We may need to alter some points from time to time so a constant check is advised for you to evaluate if the changes are acceptable. Your usage of this website indicates your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept, please refrain from using this website.

terms & conditions

Website Access and Intellectual Property

This website was created for your use. CMB retains the right to modify, withdraw or deny access to this website at any time.

All materials included in this website are protected by intellectual property laws. Included in this are images, brands, logos and layouts. These may not be reproduced, copied or downloaded without any written permission from the owners.

There may be parts of the website, such as product texts/images or charts, which you may print or download but these should only be for your personal use. Re-publishing or issuing these materials for your personal gain is strictly prohibited.

Information on this Website

All information found in this website are deemed accurate at the time of publishing. However, if in the interim, improvements or modifications were effected, the information will then be inaccurate. In view of this, CMB should not be held liable if such an occurrence may be the cause of difficulty. If accurate information is required, CMB recommends an affirmation from another source. It is CMB’s commitment to release information that is precise and up-to-date.

Your Privacy

CMB does not require visitors to submit personal information to gain access to most of the information included in the website. However, we shall require personal information such as – name, company/school, address, phone number, email address and other relevant information for the following purposes;

• To download product information, images and charts.
• To request for your feedback and comments regarding the services offered in our website.
• To resolve complaints on any product or service offered by CMB.
• To allow subscription to our newsletter.
• To develop new products that may meet the visitors’ needs.

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